Marvel Mania

When: 4/1/20

Virtual QIC: Wee Man

Conditions: Perfection all day

Which Marvel character are you?

Ruck Workout

(Non-ruck friendly, but you will be ranked, depending your choice and you will need a cinder block for warmup. Also a sandbag possibly. Read on.)


-Get that ruck on yo back-

15 Little Arm Circles – 3 count

15 Little Arm Circle Reverse – 3 count

15 Arm Claps

20 Johnny Dramas (negative calf raises)

20 Ruck Curls (use cinder block in place of ruck)

25 Big Boy Sit-ups (Push Ruck up to sky at top of sit-up)

The Thang:

Ruck, Shuffle, or Run 400m/0.25 mile

25 squats

6 rounds

Must go in order. Report completion to group and post a .gif of which Marvel character you are according to the rules:

Did not complete = Black Widow

Completed with No Ruck = Spider-Man

Completed with Ruck = Hulk

Completed with Ruck and sandbag for the squats = Thor


Ironman: Dipstick (special category)

Thor: Pinto, Wee Man, Paycheck (1/3rd), CDC

Hulk: Boucher, CYHMN, Band-Aid, Bricks, Paycheck (2/3rds), Speedwalker, Nurse Jackie

Honorary 4 Legged Superhero Friend: Super Hot Cocoa

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