Ahoy mateys! Walk the Plank! Mutiny, Captain!

Date: 4/8/20 (Wee Man Wednesday)

Conditions: mid 70s beautiful. Perf.

You will need: cinderblock, kettlebell, sandbag, or ruck….your choice, Matey!

You can be one of the shipmates and know your place or you can finish early and damn the rest of the crew!

Warm Up: (doesn’t change. Shipmate recruiting requirement)

25 SSH

20 – little arm circles (3 count)

20 – reverse little arm circles (3 count)

20 – forward claps

30 second Plank

30 second Rest

45 second Plank

45 second Rest

2 minute Plank

The Thang:

Aye! I’m Wee Man, the captain of this ship….you do what I say or you can have the job.

AMRAP 35 minutes:

24 Lunges (each leg)

24 Pushups

24 Squats with Sandbag or Cinderblock

24 Big Boy Sit-Ups

24 kettlebell swings with weight/cinderblock/ruck

Avast! HERES THE KICKER! First to finish has the option to Damn the Crew and Captain by changing or adding ONE of the AMRAP exercises (qty stays the same).

You must finish the workout and post a pic or video with name, age, F3 name and copy and paste the workout below your video video with the change (so other shipmates don’t have to scroll and find the change), unless you don’t want to change it, you slimy bloke! You can change what was changed before you, add a 24count workout to the AMRAP, or change an exercise that hasn’t been changed.

Dead men tell no tales!

Weigh Anchor!

(Let’s go!)

*******Mid day update:

Captain Wee Man here watching from the Crows Nest!

Nice work so far, scalawags!

Remember, to just scroll to the most recent workout post and do that one….some rogue shipmates added Burpees and Freddie Mercuries.

Privateer Pinto crushed a burpee mod by Cockswain Speedwalker and made a push-up change but it was overruled and burpees with Freddie’s added back in by Hornswaggler Dipstick. Freeda Flanders and Percy Paycheck smacked it down followed the code of conduct with no mod!

Looks like the rest of you Scalywags are getting ye beat down portions multiplied….

And you call Yeself a pirate?! Arghhhhhhh!!

8 pax completed and 2 were done late but still counted. Total of 10 pax. 1 Nicaragua shipmates completion video is still being translated. Hold for update. ::goes to fiverr.com::


Great job guys! Praying hard for Mr Rogers surgery and recovery During this time.

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