When: 3/30/20 Virtual QIC: Belding

The Pax: Pinto, Belding, Dipstick, Spirit Fingers, Weeman, Gov’Na, CDC, Nurse Jackie, and …? Conditions: Pleasant to partly Comfy. Warm-up: 60 SSH & 60 second Wall Sit

The Thang: Set timer for 40 minutes. Go through the 6 sets, then rinse/repeat until time is up. Report on total reps.

  1. 60 Hand release merkins
  2. 60 Big Boys
  3. 60 Hand release burpees
  4. 60 2 count Freddie Mercuries
  5. 60 Jump Squats
  6. 60 Bear Crawls (each hand forward is 1)

Only 8 PAX reported, but hopefully more than that were willing to take on a senior citizen’s workout. If a brother who now gets in on Walmart’s Tuesday Early Bird Special can do this, everyone should have been in. The Gold medal goes to Pinto for most reps. The Q actually had a few more reps than Pinto, but he stopped coming all the way up on the hand release burpees (though his feet were leaving the ground) so the judges disqualified him.

Lead yourself well! Until you can do that, you can’t lead others well.

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