Get some running in….

When: 1/27/2020

QIC: Spirit Fingers

The Pax:  Booger, CDC, Wee Man, Paycheck, Dunkin

Conditions: 47 degrees and cool

The Thang

Warm up:

SSH IC x 15

OH Claps x 15

Forward Claps x 15

Low slow squats x 15 (Sort of)

Mosey to the street for 4 corners

3 rounds of 5,10,15,20 reps

Round 1 – Merkins, Latrell run on the short sides – Plank for the six

Round 2 – Jump Squats, Backwards run on the short sides – Air chair for the six

Round 3 – BB Sit ups, Karaoke the short sides – LBC for the six

Mosey to parking lot for short AMRAP escalator between light poles (3 mins each)

Round 1 – 4 count mountain climbers

Round 2 – Plank Jacks

Round 3 – 4 count flutter kicks

Last round is a burpee escalator back to launchpad. Add one burpee for each light pole. We passed 6 of them.


BOM – Spirit Fingers

Prayers for Monkey’s mom and for the folks effected by the sudden death of Kobe Bryant.



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