Pass the rock and run the hill

When: 2020/1/8
Weather: 33 degrees & balmy
QIC: Yo – Gi
Pax: Booger, CDC, Dunkin’, Knobby, Paycheck


YHC calls an Indian run with the rock (football). Pax at the back of the line sprints to the front while carrying the rock. Each Pax passes the football until it reaches the 6. The 6 then sprints to the front with the rock in hand. (5 burpee penalty for fumbles)


Mosey down the block and hang a left on W Lindburgh St while stopping at each intersection for a pain station pit stop.

Pit Stop 1:

5/10/15 – Burpees/Merkins/Squats x2

Pass the rock indian run to next stop.

Pit Stop 2.

5/10 – CDD/Jump Squats x2

Pass the rock indian run to next stop.

Pit Stop 3

10 Burpees

Thang 1:

Starting at the top of the hill, mosey down stopping at each light pole and perform 5 merkins.

Thang 2:

Partner up… P1 sprints to the top of the hill performs burpees. P2 does called exercise at the bottom of the hill until P1 returns then flapjack.

50 Burpees as a team

Indian run back to launch pad  pit stop pain station where P1 does 25 jump rope swings while P2 planks then flapjack.

led by Knobby

Paycheck FUMBLEDDDD on the way back to launchpad which caused everyone to do a 5 burpee penalty.


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