Bucks, Blocks, Burpees & BigBoys!

When: 1/6/20

QIC: Belding

The PAX: Thriller, Pinto, Swan, Boucher, Big Worm, Kimchi, Fudge (FNG),

Conditions: Calm, Cold, Clear & Copacetic

The Thang: Welcome Pack Packard (FNG), Disclaimer, Warm-up (15 Side Straddle Hops, 10 Little Arm Circles, 10 Little Arm Circles (reverse), 15 Overhead Claps, Mosey to pick up Coupons

10 Corners (Tennis Courts/Climbing Wall)

[Alternate running backwards with Coupon & running forwards with Coupon over head]

1st Corner 1 Burpee w/Coupon; 2nd Corner 2 Burpees w/Coupon; 3rd Courner 4 Burpees w/Coupon; 4th Corner 8 Burpees w/Coupon; 5th Corner 16 Burpees w/Coupon; 6th Corner 32 Burpees w/Coupone; 7th Corner 16 Burpees w/Coupon; 8th Corner 8 Burpees w/Coupon; 9th Corner 4 Burpees w/Coupon; 10th Corner 2 Burpees w/Coupon

Rinse/Repeat but with BigBoys/Coupon on Chest

Mosey to Parking Lot for 15 Low/Slow Squats with Coupon


BOM: Banjo


Welcome Fudge! He was impressive for his first work out. He found us online and just showed up. That’s a great example of initiating for improvement! Great effort by all during the workout. Got really quiet, which is a good sign everyone is putting it all out there. Ephesians 6:10 was our verse for the morning “Be strong in the Lord, and in the Power of His Might!” Challenged all to have a “dynamic” impact in their area of influence via the omnipotent Power we are connected to through Christ.




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