Banjo Bear Crawls

Warm Up

  • SSH – 14x

Mosey to Ginger’s Orchid

  • IW – 14x

Mosey to Ginger’s Breezeway

  • Huggers – 14x

Mosey to TKA Playground

  • Swimmers – 17x


  • Overhand Pull-ups – 14 OYO

Mosey to Football Fence

  • Over and Back – 14 in cadence

Back of Goal Post

  • Bear Crawl to Goal Line
  • Bear Crawl Backwards to 10 yard line
    • Kungfu Pandas = 10x in Cadence
  • Bear Crawl to 20 yard line
    • Nut Crushers = 20x in Cadence
  • Bear Crawl to 30 yard line
    • Merkins = 30x in Cadence
  • Bear Crawl to 40 yard line
    • Flutter Kicks = 40x in Cadence
  • Bear Crawl to 50 yard line
    • Alternate Lunges = 50x in Cadence

60 yard sprint to goal post

  • Goal post: Back pedal, Sprint, Marios, Sprint, Back pedal. Then Bear Crawl, Sprint, Bear Crawl, Sprint, Bear Crawl around the touchdown
  • Mosey to TKA Baseball Dugout – 14 Underhand Pull ups OYO
  • Mosey to Sand Pit of Death
    • Squats – 20x in Cadence
    • Leap of Faith over Sand Pit of Death – 10 OYO alternating lead leg
    • Sprint the Sand Pit of Death then tackle football sled
    • Cone Bear Crawl Tag(When tagged have to do 10 Burbees)
  • Mosey back to TKA football field goal post
  • Bear crawl to goal line
    • Diamond Merkins = 14x in cadence
  • Bear crawl to 30 yard line
    • Plank Ankle Taps = 14x in Cadence
  • Bear crawl to 50 yard line
    • Plank Shoulder Taps = 14x in Cadence

50 Yard Line

  • Sprint Backpedal switch a roo to Goal Post
  • Mosey to TKA Playground
  • Chin-ups – 14 OYO

Mosey to Ginger’s Orchid

  • LBC 20x in Cadence

Mosey to Parking Lot

  • Dips 14 in Cadence



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