There’s a pill for that



QIC: Pinto
Pax: Belding, Thriller, Yogi, Big Worm, Ginger, Flasher, Johnny 5, Dipstick, Polynesian, Boones Farm, Speed Walker.
FNG: Boucher (Chestly Morris)

Warm up:
Little arm circles (15ic)
hold arms out (10 sec.)
Big arm circles (15ic)
Hold arms out (10 sec.)
Overhead claps (15ic)
Hold arms out (10 sec.)
Forward claps (15ic)
Through the tunnel (15ic)
Imperial walkers (15ic)
Windmill (15ic)
Side straddle hop (15ic)
Squats (15ic)
Double kicks (10ic each leg)
Flutter kicks (20ic)

The thang:
Partner up.  Partner “A” retrieves concrete pills.  Partner “B” runs laps around hoppa’s yard until partner “A” arrives.
Partner “A” does exercise with pill while partner “B” runs backwards across yard and forward runs back, then flap jack, with partner “B” picking up the rep count until all reps are completed between the partners.

All exercises are for 200 reps with concrete pill.
American hammers (2ct)
Nose bleeds.  (laying on back doing tricep extension with pill.)
Squats with pill over head
Merkins with hands on Pill
Row boats (like using a rowing machine except the pill is the handle and your feet move.)

Partner “B” returns pills while partner “A” runs laps until partner “B” returns.

Last exercise:

Wheel barrow across hoppa’s yard then flap jack.

Prayer: Ginger

Thanks again for allowing me to lead this morning and complaining the entire time.  Pax even thought the warm-up was too much/long.  And the whimpering didn’t stop.  I’ll take that as a complement I suppose.  Welcome “Boucher”.

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