Love for America!

When: 07/06/19

QIC: Nurse Jackie

PAX: Flasher, Hope, CDC, Can You Hear Me Now?, Airhead, Johnny 5, Ginger, Big Worm, Boone’s Farm, Speedwalker, Nurse Jackie (QIC)

Conditions: 72 and clear. Perfect morning.

The Thang:



Warm up:

Burpies x 13 OYO (Number of original colonies)

Side straddle hop x 50 IC (Number of Current States)

Imperial Walker x 16 IC (Years Nurse Jackie has been in America)

Merkins IC x 9 (this equals to 18 merkins, how old Nurse Jackie was when he came to America)

Here Nurse Jackie read the quote at the Statue of Liberty “The New Colossus”


– Single file run to the gas station corner.

– At the corner, Plank.

Here NJ read the famous first sentences of the Declaration of Independence

– Indian run to bottom of the bridge.

Great job “Johnny 5” for looking out for the 6.

Here Nurse told the story of why he bears the name “Cornelio De Jesus” and why no matter what, he always will love and choose America.

– Indian Style Lounge yo the bridge. Last person Bear Crawls to the front.

At the top of the bridge NJ read 5 facts about the US Constitution.

– Indian run back to the baseball field.

At the baseball field Nurse Jackie has created The American Flag. The “flag” covers most of the top of the field. It has 13 rows and the section for the stars.

At the section for the stars NJ reads 5 more facts about the US Constitution. Here the invoice exercise is 55 curls. The PAC brought their own weight to pick-up and put-down 55 times. This represents the 50 US States and 5 US Territories. Here he talks about how most people at the US Territories would do anything to be officially part of America.

– 13 Rows:

Each row has an exercise. Run to one end of the row, do the exercise, come back, go to next row.

– 13 American Hammers

– 13 Flutter Kicks

– 13 Mountain Climbers

– 13 Hello Dollies

– 13 Box Cutters

– 13 Big Boys

– 13 Dying Cockroach

– 13 Hip Touches

– 13 Freddy Mercuries

– Hold 45 and count to 130

– 13 American Hammers

– 13 Freddy Mercuries

– 50 LBCs

Here Nurse Jackie read Mark 12, 29-31

COT: No announcements or prayer requests

BOM: Can You Hear Me Now



At the COT NJ talked about how America is the best country in the world, not only because is the one we live in, but because none of us would trade places with anyone else in the world.

Jesus most important commandment says to love God above all things, and to love our neighbor.

The USA was not built under conditions. God didn’t tell us to love each other with conditions. The world ALL can be found in every major piece of history when America was built.

So if we are Christian men, American men, and F3 men, we have to love, respect, and lookout for each other, without any “but,” without any conditions, and regardless of affiliation, color, religion, political beliefs, or even if we agree or not.

We have to respect the institutions that make up America, this includes the seat of the President of the United States. One day our children will have that seat and we will want them to be respected, even if people don’t agree with them.

This is America, the greatest country in the world.

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