6/4/19 Backblast

Pax present: Carl, Chickenhawk (QIC), Defect, Guts

Conditions: 66 degrees

Warm up

Side straddle hop x 10 IC

Through the tunnel x10 IC

Imperial walkers x10 IC

Hillbilly’s x 10 IC

Flutter kicks x 30 IC

The Thang:


All done in order, with no rest, without leaving plank position. 15 Alternating Shoulder Touches In Cadence (4-count),

 10 Tempo Merkins (down on the 1-2-3, up on 4), 10 fast Merkins. Round 2 10 reps, round 3 5 reps.


Partner up. Pax 1 does exercise while

 Pax 2 runs to the other end of the (insert your destination). Swap out and continue

the exercise until each amount of reps are complete. The exercises and reps are:

 50- Burpees / 100- Overhead Claps / 150- Merkins / 200- Big Boy Sit-ups /

250- Squats.

Circle of trust


BOM: Chickenhawk



Florence anniversary is this Saturday 6/8. We plan to send a group of guys. Let Defect or chickenhawk know if your interested.

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