Sparky’s VQ 6/01/19

Back blast 06/01/2019

Pax present: Triplet, Forest, Chicken Hawk, Defect, Sparky (QIC), Guts

Conditions: 68 degrees F

The Thang – Brick Blaster


Warm up

Slalom run X 3 laps

1/4 mile walk with bricks including

Side lateral 1 minute

Perfect Merkins X 20

Front shoulder raise 1 min.

Shoulder press X 1 minute

Brick straddle hops X 15

Hanging knee raise 20 X 2

Double deep Merkin 20 X 2

Deep Merkin with feet on wall 5

Brick barrows 30 ft

Crunches X 20

Alternating situps X 20

Brick hammers X 40

Brick throw contest

Circle of trust


Prayer led by Forest


Continue to EH men to come to F3 Marion.

F3 Marion shirts will be on F3nation store for preorder soon. I will keep y’all posted when it goes live

Triplet would like to get a flag football team together soon. So let’s keep that in mind. Anyone interested let him know.

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