I wish I brought a donut spare tire today!

When: 5/20/19 @ Scrooge

PAX: (9) Belding – respect, Thriller – respect, Dizzy, the Governor, Boons Farm, Ginger, Knobby, Banjo, Johnny 5 (QIC)

Warm up: A quick round of forward arm claps and some through the tunnels and its time to get moving

The Thang: We start our first 1 mile run heading north on Old Ebenezer Rd. The Lord was with us on this leg because we had no traffic to deal with. Make our way to the old ESAB softball field and there it begins.

Surprise surprise, someone has left a collection of large tires at the fence for us. Some cross-fit guys might get upset we played with their toys. Everyone chooses their own tractor tire for the remainder of the workout.

10 X Tire flip with a hop in and hop out of the tire each flip

15 X Tricep dips

20 X Decline Merkins

Step inside your tire and Farmer Carry tire 25 yards and back

25 X Partner Push (Stand the tire up and pair up. Now push or throw the tire towards your partner. Catch the tire and send it back with all you have)

15 X Box Jumps

10 X Burpee & Lateral Jumps in and out of your tire. Audible on this one – step in and out of the tire

Our 1 mile run back to the Scrooge picnic tables for some Pull Ups and Ab work

The Govna’ and Dizzy call out last two exercises in the COT to close us out. Nothing but abs!!


Announcements: Congratulations to Dizzy and our prayers for his wife. 19 wonderful years of marriage for him. Now he just hopes Banjo’s prayers come true :-o….. I want to thank Ginger for knocking out his 1 mile PR getting back to Scrooge for me.

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