Relay, Relay, Relay…

Date: 4/24/19

QIC: Squatter

Pax: Yogi, Belding, Gov’na, Broadway, Big Worm, Thriller, Flasher, Flanders

Warm up:

2 laps around Hoppa’s Yard @80%
20 SSH
High knees
Butt kicks

Fast Mosey to Trinity parking lot

Relay 1:
Bearcrawl to first light pole
Crawlbear to start
(While waiting, team performing big boy sit-ups)

Relay 2:
Lunge to first pole with cinder block and sprint back to tag partner.
(While waiting, team planking)

80% sprint to the end of the parking lot. Mosey to Trinity playground

Relay 3:
First team to 100 pull-ups
One man per team performs as many DEAD HANG pull-ups as possible without dropping from the bar. Once man drops from the bar, he tags team member.
(While waiting, team performs low country crabs and shoulder taps)
*Only 10 assisted pull-ups per team.

Relay 4:
Sprint to tire, flip it three times, sprint back to start (Q audibled to 5 flips to speed up relay)
(While waiting, team merkins, American hammers, dying cockroach)
When tire reaches the start line, the team carries the tire back to the end of the parking lot.

Relay 5:
Each team in a single file line facing tire. First Pax flips tire once, goes to the back of the line, performs 2 burpees, returns to line for turn to flip tire
(When tire reaches one end of the parking lot, team carries tire to the other end to finish)

Jail break back to Scrooge for COT.

Flotown 5k Saturday at water treatment plant?
Capes for Kids 5k next Saturday @ Briggs?

Prayer Requests:
Broadway traveling to Michigan this week and moving in June

T-claps to all the Pax who came out to get better even with injuries, Broadway, Yogi, Big Worm. There is a fine line between pushing yourself and not making excuses and just being stupid. I’ll let you decide which category you fall in.

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