“The Pentagon”

When: 04/13/19

QIC: Nurse Jackie

PAX: Franklin (visitor from TN), Thunderbird, Big Warm, Johnny 5, Thriller (Respect), Belding (Respect), Thread-count and Nurse Jackie (QIC)

Conditions: 62 and damp

The thang:

Disclaimer – Nurse Jackie also mentioned the article shared by Uhaul that talks about “faking” reps. He asked all to do your honest best.


Warm up:

Side straddle hop IC x 50

NJ mentioned this is “The Pentagon” workout. This means all workouts are divisible by 5.

Mosey to Hoppa’s Yard

Partner up

Partner A: Suicide runs to 3 locations on the yard

Partner B: Flutter kicks (500 double count as a team)


Mosey to Tennis Courts

1st Corner: NJ talked about the Pentathlon and the events in it.

Mountain Climbers IC x 15

2nd Corner: NJ spoke about the meaning of the 5 rings in the Olympics flag.

Mountain Climbers IC x 15

3rd Corner: NJ talked about the 5 senses and the 5 basic tastes.

Mountain Climbers IC x 15

4th Corner: NJ talked about the 5 Chinese Elements.

Mountain Climbers IC x 15

5th Corner (back to 1st Corner): NJ spoke about Tetrominoes. Shape made by connecting 4 squares. These are the shapes used for Tetris and only 5 can be made.

Mountain Climbers IC x 15

Mosey to baseball field

Welcome to “The Pentagon.” NJ created a course shaped as a Pentagon with an inner ring and an outer ring.

PAX jail breaks outside baseball field

Enter The Pentagon through the inner ring. 5 sections:

– Low Crawl (under a net)

– High knees

– Bear Crawl

– Spider-Man Crawl

– Duck walk

Outer ring:

– Coupon Carry and back (concrete pills)

– Sandbag Carry and back

– Al Gore rope pull (rope has cinder blocks) (will take this one out for the next time)

– Sledgehammer on tire X 15

– Tire flip and back (Johnny 5 helped NJ with his form)

Finished with each PAX having the chance to hit a tennis ball with a bat and hitting it out of the park. Everyone had great hits.


BOM: Belding



It was awesome to be back and spend sometime with my brothers. Traveling with work as often as I have in the last 9 months has been both rewarding and challenging. Doing “The Pentagon” has become my favorite Q, so you will see it more often. I couldn’t have pull it off without everyone’s help. Not only people who posted but several who lended coupons and items even though they couldn’t post at Scrooge. It was a true team effort. To everyone’s surprise this was the first Q in which I didn’t have Freddy Mercuries. Nurse Jackie actually spoke during the warm up about “trying your honest best.” Doesn’t matter if someone is looking at your reps or not, make sure your conscious is clear when saying “I tried my best.”

Prayers and announcements:

– NJ working on a 2.0 workout. Date still to be announced.

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