“Easter week”

When: 04/15/19

QIC: Nurse Jackie

PAX: Franklin (visitor from TN), Johnny 5, Thriller (Respect), Ginger, Flasher, Dizzy, Squib, Milton (with weight), Polynesian, Buford (FNG), and Nurse Jackie (QIC)

Conditions: 62 cool and dry

The thang:

Disclaimer – Nurse Jackie also mentioned that his favorite holiday (Easter) is coming.


Warm up:

Side straddle hop IC x 20

Imperial Walker IC x 20

Through the tunnel IC x 10

Merkins IC x 10

Freddy Mercuries IC x 25

Flutter kicks IC x 20

Mosey to sidewalk of Sneed

1 mile run and back to Scrooge parking lot


5 points star AMRAP (20 minutes)

Center: 1 burpee

Point 1: 20 merkins

Back to center

Point 2: 20 4 count flutter kicks

Back to center

Point 3: 20 squats

Back to center

Point 4: 20 4 count Freddy Mercuries

Back to center

Point 5: 20 LBCs

Back to center

Circle up

High plank (Johnny 5 provided correct form inspection)

Right arm up, and down

Left arm up, and down

Right leg up, and down

Left leg up, and down

Right arm and left leg up, and down

Left arm and right leg up, and down

Recover after Dizzy joked about NJ’s Tiger Wood’s hat.


BOM: Johnny 5



It was great seeing “Franklin” back even though he is on vacation from Tennessee, and he even brought a FNG (Andrew Stewart, AKA Buford).

NJ talked about Easter coming up and asked Dizzy and Ginger to share the details of their Easter Service. Both churches, Palmetto Church and Trinity, are offering great Easter options.

NJ asked Ginger and Dizzy to answer this: with Easter coming, how can we help out 2.0s to have their hearts ready to hear the word of the real reason for Easter. Both shared great wisdom: Have 1 on 1s with your kids, and nothing beats the family structure. No church structure or 1-day event will trump what the family structure has to offer. Let’s focus on putting Jesus in front of our 2.0s daily and not just once a year. Nothing beats living an exemplary life for our families.

Great reminder from wiser Godly men.

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