3/23/19 backblast


Weather: clear and 39 degrees

Warm up:

1 lap

10 merkins

10 SSH

20 little arm circles fwd

20 LAC rev

10 Over Head claps

Mosey to tennis court

The Thang:

4 Corners

1st and 3rd 5 burpees

2nd and 4th 10 merkins+10 double count flutter kicks

Mosey to play ground

1 min dead hands for partner A and partner B 20 squats

Mosey to tennis court repeat 4 corners

Mosey to play ground 10 pull ups for A

10 BBC for B

Back to tennis court for round 3

Back to ply ground for 10 dips for A and 10 CDD for B

Back to tennis court and repeat

Mosey to bleachers

Step ups x 16 for A and 16 jump squats for B

Last round at tennis court for 4 corners

10 double pump burpees at corners 1 and 3 and then 20 merkins+ 20 double count flutter kicks at 2 and 4

Bear crawl last leg

Mosey to the flag

5 Paxs

Preach, Chickenhawk, Forest, Sparky, and Defect.




Pray request:

Preach’s father, Jim, Beth, youth fundraiser.

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