Marion backblast


Pax present: defect, Captain Planet, Forest, sparky, chickenhawk (QIC)

Conditions: 50 and wet

They are setting up for the leprechaun leap this morning, so we decided to jog over to Marion Baptist Church.

Warm up:

0.75 mile jog to MBC

Merkins IC 15

Side straddle hip IC 10

through the tunnel IC 10

The Thang:

4 corners each corner around the church pax do prescribed exercise

5 burpees

10 merkins

15 squats

20 Carolina dry docks

Jogging on the curves

bearcrawls till failure on the straights after failure finish with lunges

Exercises at the play ground

Pull up 10: merkins20: lbs30

Dead hang: squats20: flutter kick 30

0.75 mile job back to withlacoochee park

Circle of trust


BOM: Defect


Thanks for bearing with the QIC for the mostly unplanned run to MBC. Great job today with this running heavy workout. We are planning to start a couple run days during the week. Let chickenhawk or defect know what you think about when to have it or if you have any ideas. Be in pray over Tommy Nolan and his family today. Mallory, his daughter is getting married this afternoon. Also be in pray for the Grahm family, they lost a loved one this week. Hope to see you all on Tuesday for a defect lead beat down.

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