Moist Metal Monday

Date: 2/18/19

QIC: Squatter

Pax: Dizzy, Flasher, Johnny 5, Swan, Speedwalker, Big Worm, Moped, Ginger, Thriller, Pinto, Belding, Squatter, Butter Milk (FNG, McCall Chapman?)

Conditions: 50s with a light drizzle

The Thang:

2 mins per station, 10 stations (2 rounds)

*As we were running out of time, the Q may have shaved the time at each station.

Lap(s) around Hoppa’s yard
Farmer Carry
Goblet Squats
Kb Swings
American Hammers
Freddie Mercurys


Informational meeting concerning referendum at Palmetto Street Church of God tonight

Warpath Wednesday at the “Florence Center”

Nice work this morning men! Thanks to Pinto and others for looking out for the FNG.

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