ABC Pill/Block Workout


7 Pax work on the print and cursive during the ABC BLOCK WORKOUT.

Warm Up

Mosey to the Blocks

SSH – 10

Huggers – 10

Pot Stirrers – 10

Swimmers – 10


A – Around the Crazy 8 World and Block: 13 each direction

The Alpha Block Upper Case: A-M right leg; N-Z left leg

Go to the Green Wall

B – Block Bench: 26 Down/Up Cadence

C – Wall Squat Block Curl: 26 Up/Down Cadence

D – Dips with 2 Blocks: 26 Down/Up Cadence

E – Excruciating Hammys: 13 each leg on Vertical Block

The Alpha Block Lower Case: A-M right leg; N-Z left leg

F – Fast Feet Block Step Up: 26 on Block

G – Giant’s Chair: 26 count with wall sit with Block on Quads

H – Happy Slaps 26 OYO in Plank Alternating Slapping vertical Block

I – Imperial Blockers: 26 in normal cadence

The Alpha Block Upper Case Cursive: A-M right leg; N-Z left leg

Go to Picnic Tables

J – Juggler: 1 circle face outward, pass Block 13x in one direction, pass 13x in other direction

K – Kettle Bell Block: 26 Up/Down Cadence

L – Lunge Block: 26 steps

M – Mountain Climbers on Block: 13 in normal cadence

N – Nose Bleeders: 26 Up/Down cadence (Up Right Row)

O – One Leg Picnic Step Up with Block: 13 Each Leg

The Alpha Block Lower Case Cursive: A-M right leg; N-Z left leg

P – Push up on Block: 26 Up/Down Cadence

Q – Queen’s Throne: 26 sit on Block squat-sit-jump

R – Rolling Crawl 26 steps

S – Squats with Overhead Block: 26 Down/Up Cadence

T – Tricep Extension on Back: 26 Up/Down Cadence

U – Under hand Assisted Block Pull-Ups: 26 OYO

The Alpha Block Upper/Lower Case: A-M right leg; N-Z left leg

V – Vinnie Squats with Block held bw legs: 26 Down/Up Cadence

W – Wheel Barrel Block Partner: 26 Steps

X – X Jacks with Jump: 26 OYO

Y – Yeti Carry(Partner Carry with 1 Blocks): 26 Steps

The Alpha Block Upper/Lower Case Cursive: A-M right leg; N-Z left leg

Z – Zig Zag Z Hops on line with Block: 26 angled Hops 

Pax – Banjo, Airhead, Moped, Thriller, Polynesian, Big Worm, Pinto


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