2/9/19 Backblast

Pax: Chickenhawk (QIC), Captain Planet, Defect, Forest, Preach

Conditions: 45 degrees

Warm up:

1 lap around the track

Merkins x10 IC

Side straddle hip x10 IC

Squats x10 IC

Imperial walkers x10 IC

Little arm circles x10 IC

The Thang:

Shock and awe

10 burpees

9 burpees

8 burpees

… to 2 burpees

10 burpees for the last set

For a total of 64 burpees.

Preach did an extra burpee expecting 1 to be the last set, but we finished with a solid 10 rep final set

Dead Hang Pull-Ups.  (with partner if needed)

• Hang from swing set for 10 count and do a pull-up.

• Repeat for 5 reps and switch partners.

• x2 for total of 10 reps each pax.

4 corners around the track

5 drydocks

10 merkins

15 squats

20 flutter kicks

Running backwards on the curves

Rinse and repeat


In unison PAX does 2-count side straddle hop and counts reps 1-5 out load. Reps 6-21 are all mental and everyone must stop together at 21. If anyone stops early or goes over Q has PAX perform penalty workout of Q’s choice

Defect was the only pax to perform an extra rep, as a penalty we did a 100 yard sprint with 10 merkins

Circle of trust


BOM: Chickenhawk



Be in prayer over forest and chickenhawk as they travel to Honduras next week. Also pray over Captain Planet and his M, they have both been fighting a cold and Lindsay has has an ear infection. Thanks to the guys who helped move the piano at church. It was a big help. Looking forward to seeing y’all next week

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