Just a fence


Pax: Thriller (respect), Belding (respect), Moped (respect), Dizzy, Flanders, Squatter, Broadway, Yogi, Johnny 5, Flasher, Ginger (7 minutes), Big Worm, Pinto (QIC)

Warm up:
Through the tunnel (aka Tappy Taps) IC
Imperial Walkers IC
Side Straddle Hop IC
Low Slow Squats
One Lap Around Hoppa’s Yard

The Thang
Black Jack – East to West across Parking Lot.

  • East side jump squats – 1 rep. up to 20 each round.
  • West side Rocky Balboa’s – 20 reps. down to 1 each round.

Merkin “ladder” – South to North across Parking Lot.

  • Starting at fence.  1 Merkin with feet on ground, 1 Merkin with feet on bottom rail, 1 Merkin on top rail.
  • Run to other end of parking lot, 5 burpees  (constant).
  • Run back to fence and repeat first step but add 1 more rep. until 5 reps and back down to 1.

Dead Hang Pull-Ups.  (with partner if needed)

  • Hang from rafter of shelter for 3 count and do a pull-up.
  • Repeat for 5 reps and switch partners.
    • x2 for total of 10 reps each pax.

What happened to Ginger?
F3 QSource this Thursday, 1/24.  Be there.
Cooks for Christ this Thursday, 1/24.  Eat there.

Prayer request:
Ladson (spelling?) – 3 years old in need of a heart transplant.
Asher – 5 year old with leukemia and undergoing treatments.

BOM: Johnny 5


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