The Fox Den gets Q Schooled!

When:  1/12/18


The Pax: Chickenhawk, Defect, CDC (QIC)

Conditions: 30 degrees F

The Thang



Capri Lap around track…unfortunately, no late comers

The Problem

  • SadClown Syndrome
  • Bowling Ball Grip

“Shock and Awe”

Burpee Countdown: 10 burpees OYO … 9 burpees OYO (:::mumblechatter from Defect::::)… 8 burpees OYO …etc…2 burpees OYO …

Here we stop to ask what the next exercise is going to be. “One burpee, OYO,” is the only slightly confident Defect reply…Chickenhawk was doing a bit of foreshadowing or maybe they were doing some type of twin telepathy, because then Defect had a sad look on his face and said, “10?”. 

10 burpees OYO! 

Pick up a cinder block and mosey to the track

Bears and Blocks

Get in bear crawl position with your cinder block on the grass between your knees or feet.  Reach between your legs and pull the block across the grass past your head.  Now, bear crawl forward until the block is between your feet again.  Rinse and repeat until reaching target point (other side of track).

Block Zombie Walk

Lunge back to start point, gently cradling the cinder block in your arms…kind of like holding a $1000 Golden Retriever puppy. 

The Solution

  • I2 (Individual Initiative)
  • Mean Mean Stride

Bataan Death March

Indian run around the track.  The six performs 5 burpees, then runs to the front, tapping the new six on the way.  The new six performs 5 burpees.  Rinse and Repeat.  2 reps completed during one trip around the track.   

The Dynamite of the Third F

  • The Third 500
  • D2X
  • Reverse Flow Incubator
  • Living Third
  • HTC (How To Count)
  • Use proper cadence with the exact commands below:
    • “The Next Exercise is ________”
    • “Starting position…Move!” (never “ready position”)
    • “In cadence…Exercise!” (or “25 on-your-own,” etc) Be clear.
    • “Recover” Recover means “on your feet.” If you are on the ground and want them to stay there, tell them that. Just be clear…you are in command.

Demonstration of counting common exercises performed in cadence: 

1)SSH, 2)Squats, 3)Flutterkicks, 4)Merkins

Each PAX demonstrates.




Brothers, I’m glad that I was able to be back home in Marion with you this AM.  I’m not sure why I keep bringing the cold.  Fortunately, the cold never bothered me anyway.  This is always a tough time of year to post…especially in the cold.  However, a wise F3 brother once taught me, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.” Hmm…what was Core Principle #3 again?  Each one of you is the reason why I’m in F3, whether you were at the workout or not.  So, keep EH’ing other men to join you.  It is time to make an Impact on your community…to lead.  A good start is to step up and Q a workout.  Time to do some Bricklaying!

Proverbs 27:17:  As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Mark 10:42-45: Jesus called them together and said, “You know that those who are regarded as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”


  • “Like” the F3 Marion Facebook Page.  You can read F3 Marion BackBlasts on the F3 Florence webpage until the site is up and running:
  • I gave Defect 2 copies of Freed to Lead so that PAX can have an opportunity to read it.  It is an easy read and not very long, but really goes deeper into the development of F3 and how it can promote becoming a HIM (High Impact Man).
  • Prayers for Chickenhawk and Defect as they are ordained as Deacons tomorrow!
  • Additional 1st F at The Fox Den:  Tuesday, 1/15/19, 0515-0600 



SadClown Syndrome

SadClown Syndrome is the Problem that F3 solves. The concept comes from the HBO series, The Sopranos.  The primary character, Tony Soprano, begins meeting with a psychiatrist to address a worsening fainting problem that has plagued him since childhood.  He is initially guarded about his extremely compartmentalized life, but eventually opens up.  His psychiatrist asks him, “Any qualms with how you make a living?”  His response was, “Yeah, I find myself having to play the sad clown: laughing on the outside, but crying on the inside.”  Despite his family and career success, he was not happy.  He pretends to be happy for self-preservation and for those that depend on him.  In F3, the SadClown is defined as:  A man with Decelerating Fitness, Fellowship, and/or Faith.  SadClown Syndrome is the state of chronic SadClown-ism.

Bowling Ball Grip

The Bowling Ball Grip is how the identifiable symptoms of SadClown Syndrome can be grouped.  There are 3 holes in a man’s life that can leave him inert.  A bowling ball is meant for impact, but only if those holes are filled and hurled into motion.  Instead of recognizing that the unfilled holes are the source, the SadClown sees his circumstances as the cause, rather than the effect of his malaise.  This leads men to attempt a huge range of wrong, but equally ineffective solutions, at addressing the Problem.  1st Hole)POGO40:  A man’s physical fitness, or rather, his inconsistent physical fitness, the 40 or so pounds a SadClown keeps losing, only to gain back again, over and over.  2nd Hole) The Sifter:  Loneliness as opposed to aloneness (physical isolation).  It is about the emotional isolation suffered by a man without deep emotional bonds of fellowship with other men.  Imagine a flour sifter.  You dump the flour in the top.  The fine particles pass through the screen to the bottom.  The big, coarse particles would not pass, no matter what you did.  In a SadClown life, there are 3 kinds of male friends, all small particle.  The Legacy Buddy, Man Dates, Work Buddy.  Nothing is wrong with these guys, however, none of these relationships are built to last or to withstand the inevitable shaking a man’s life will take from time to time.  All of these relationships easily pass through The Sifter.  3)The Reacher:  Lack of purpose.  Jack Reacher is the anti-hero, not tied down to anything.   It’s a SadClown’s fantasy, and it is worthless.  We’re not born to ramble and fly away like a bird.  We are born to protect and love…to stay and fight. We want our lives to have purpose.  However, to do this, man has to have faith in something he cannot see.  Together with the inconsistent fitness of Pogo40 and the loneliness of The Sifter, it keeps a man inert and gathering dust, just like a bowling bowl in the back of a closet.


I2 (Individual Initiative)

This is the critical element of our Q system.  For a newly planted Workout to succeed, its Plant-Q (and the subsequent Qs he developed) has to take whatever individual initiative needed to grow his group into the Problematic Workout range.  I2 builders:  Teach a prospective leader how to do what he needs to do to lead.  Give him a mission, so he can know where he is meant to go even when you aren’t around to tell him.  Reward and praise the kind of initiative you want, regardless of outcome. 

Mean Mean Stride

This is the Q’s use of Persuasion to influence other men to his Vision.  The reinvigorating effect F3 has on a man works best when it transforms him into a “modern-day warrior” as Rush described in the 1981 song “Tom Sawyer”.  What would a modern day warrior look like as he goes about the business of finding hard things?  F3 thinks he would look the way any man would look while walking through his community with Mean Mean Stride, yelling at the top of his lungs and refusing to wear a safety helmet while he does it.  A modern Tom Sawyer, able to persuade other men to pay him for the privilege of whitewashing his fence.  Screw the easy way.  Speed up, don’t slow down.  Follow me as I take the hard path.  Take the easy way, you probably should, but the rest of you, come with me!  Aye!


The Third 500

A concept put forth by OBT based on head-to-head crew 2000 meter race.  It should be divided into four 500 meter segments.  First 500 you are sprinting off the line (Birth to College Graduation).  Second 500 you are finding your swing (College to 40).  Fourth 500 is balls to the wall, use what’s left in the tank. Third 500 is where the start is a distant memory and the finish too far to contemplate.  The Third 500 is, roughly, the ages 40-60, where a man will win or lose the race set out for him based upon whether or not he has continued to accelerate through the first half of his life.


The Task performed by the intersection of a person’s Dolphin (the Task a person was born to do best) and Daffodil (the people-group a person was born to Serve).  This is where a man’s mission is found and, if he is willing to live dangerously, where he will have maximum impact. 

Reverse Flow Incubator

Near the beginning of F3’s birth, the Third F effect motivated men to toss out Opportunities (outreach projects), all of which were good but most of which did not directly promote the Mission.  Under the Reverse-Flow Incubator, the PAX don’t ask or need F3Nation’s participation or guidance.  All F3Nation needs to do is protect the F3 brand from anything blatantly anti-Missional…a pretty low bar.  The service-drive of the Third F have the PAX do the work because it is the work they want to do rather than the work F3Nation wants them to do. 

Living Third

The consistent and deliberate placement of oneself third, behind Creator and Community (two or more people who voluntarily live in close proximity).  This is the only way to serve the Community and the people who depend on us

Q’ing Your First Workout

1. Here’s some information to help you prepare for your first time as the QIC:

  • Watch the video below and practice counting. Practice this a bit. It’s important that we’re all counting the same way to keep everybody together and moving smoothly. All counting is consistent across F3 Nation. I can’t emphasize this point enough.
  • F3TV How To Count: Secondly, write it (the workout plan) down. You’ll find that time goes by much faster than you anticipated, so writing it down helps. It’s better to have too much planned than not enough.
  • Third, make sure not to leave anyone behind. Before the workout, quietly appoint a”sweeper” — an experienced guy who can bring up the rear. If you get a guy sucking wind or hanging back, get everyone to plank up or something until we’re all back together.
  • Finally, make sure to end on time. Move people to the COT, and do the count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements and the BOM.
  • I encourage you to run your workout by somebody the first couple times you Q. At the minimum, compare your plan to a few old backblasts.  Good luck, and thanks for stepping up.

2. The Duties Of The QIC

  • Prior to the Workout:  Design your workout – be creative, draw from different sources (other backblasts, books, YouTube, your secretary, etc) WRITE IT DOWN – have it handy even if you memorize it, you will need it later for the backblast.
  • Locate a notebook/clipboard/etc and a pen (that works) for the COT – you don’t want to be scrambling at the end. A smartphone voice recorder also works, but know how to use it and make sure it’s charged and has sufficient memory.
  • Practice counting and cadence – THIS IS CRITICAL FOR A SUCCESSFUL Q.  Watch the video.
  • Arrive early to plant the shovel flag and set up any special equipment. Make sure you have the shovel flag — hard to plant it if you don’t have it.
  • During the workout:  Review the Disclaimer — every time.  Implement your workout.  Use proper cadence.  IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE — DIVE! You will screw something up. You will mess up the count, forget something, etc. MOST PAX WILL NOT REALIZE YOU MADE A MISTAKE. If you do, don’t call attention to it, just keep right on rolling (“dive”).
  • Leave no man behind — communicate with your sweeper. Ask him to let you know when everyone has arrived by saying “The six is here.”  Encourage – do not belittle.
  • At the End of the Workout:  Take charge of the COT – it’s your duty to move things along and respect the clock.  Start the count and the introductions
  • Record information:
    • Date
    • QIC
    • Attendance (number)/(list of PAX names)
    • FNG’s:  Let the pax nickname them, but keep the process moving. Be sure to get their full names.  Get contact information.
    • Weather conditions (optional) – eg: 72 degrees and clear
    • Share announcements/calendar/special events, etc
    • If it’s Saturday, promote coffeeteria!
  • After the workout:  Before you leave the AO, give it a glance over and make sure it’s as good or better than when you arrived. Pick up any trash, lost and found items, etc. Be a good steward of the AO.
  • Write a backblast including all details for your workout within 24 hours.  Publish your backblast, or send it to the appropriate person for publishing. Report FNG information to the area Q so they can get in the appropriate database.

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