A Lite Ruck This Morning

When: Jan. 12, 2019

The Pax: Big Worm (double down king), Thriller (respect), Squatter, Moped (respect), Flasher, Johnny 5 (QIC) and Swan to close us out.

The Thang: Disclaimer

Warm Up:

Side straddle hops x20

Through the tunnel x20

Forward arm claps x20

Imperial walkers x20

Time for the fun!

Everyone loaded their backpack (now a ruck) with 20lbs of sandbag weight, put it on and we begin.

To the tennis wall: With rucks held out in from of you shoulder high, Wall Squats for time. We hold position as long as possible until only two pax are left holding the bag. Then some stretch for the shoulders; Overhead Claps in cadence x10. RINSE and REPEAT.

With the ruck on your back, Bear Crawl across the pavement to the fence. Keep your butt down and back flat, unless you want a sandbag bouncing off your head!

To the picnic tables: With the rucks now worn in front on your chest find a table. Dips in 2 count cadence, slow count x10. Step ups on bench in 4 count cadence x20. RINSE and REPEAT.

To the soft playground pad: Rucks now held above your head for a new exercise called Surrenders (courtesy of Hartsville pax). In a 4 count cadence. With ruck held above head, left knee to the ground, then right knee to the ground, left knee up, right knee up back to standing position.
On your six for some Flutter Kicks while holding ruck above your head, in cadence x20. RINSE and REPEAT.

To Hoppa’s yard: Circle up up for some Squat Thrusts. These are to be slow and low, heels touching your butt if you can and of course your ruck is used for the thrust x 20. Then put ruck on your back and cinch it up tight. Bring the circle in close to the flag with everyone facing the center. Merkin Wave time. Get into plank position, first person does 1 Merkin, then the next person to the right does 1 Merkin, should look like a wave flowing around the circle, until you get back to the first person who then performs 2 Merkins, repeat all the way up to 10 and back down. Stay in Plank position the entire time. 55 total Merkins while holding a plank. Lunge to track pavement with your ruck. Partner up, as best we could for some running. Partner A removes pack and starts to run or sprint around track. Partner B now has two weighted rucks and is doing lunges around track until partner completes a lap and catches him. Partner swap of he two rucks and partner B runs a lap to catch his partner. RINSE and REPEAT.

To the shelter: With your ruck, perform Pull Ups x10, x5, x3.

To the tennis courts: Drop your ruck for a short reprieve. 4 Corners long way around the tennis courts with first corner 5 Burpees, second corner 10 Burpees, third corner 15 Burpees, and back to start for 20 Burpees. Put your ruck back on.

To Hoppa’s yard: Pitstop at the truck to pick up two additional 20lb sandbags for Bucket/Bag brigade. Carry the new weight in your hands by your side for a mosey around Hoppa’s yard for one lap. Some of the more ambitious pax did a few curls for the girls along the way.


BOM: Squatter

Prayers and Announcements:

Pray for our government officials and a resolution. Also those government employees effected by the furlough.

Pray for Mopeds son

Pray for Swan and also his wife

Pray for Asher in TN

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