Tigertown Beatdown!


When: 1/9/19

QIC: Spirit Fingers

The Pax: Ginger, Thriller, Paycheck, Dizzy, Flasher, Bobby B, Moped (Respect), Johnny 5, Squatter, Flanders, Knobby, Dr. Phil, Big Worm, Thunderbird, Banjo, Spirit Fingers(QIC)

Conditions: 55 Degrees and Windy

The Thang




Arm Circles x 15 IC

Abe Vigoda x 15 IC

Revese Arm Circles x 15 IC

Crab Cakes x 15 IC

3 Laps around Hoppa’s Yard

Mosey to Picnic Tables


Dips x 16, American Hammers x 44, Bobby Hurley’s x 16, Overhead Claps x 44

3 rounds

Mosey back to Hoppa’s Yard

Escalator 1-15 across the yard – Pax did 1 rep, run to center 2 reps, run to other side 3 reps and so on until 15 reps

1st Down – Big Boy Situps

2nd Down – Squats

3rd Down – SSH

Mosey to the end of Hoppa’s Yard for B.L.I.M.P.S AMRAP

Continue for 10 minutes – Pax finish with 5 Burpees as a Team


BOM: Banjo



Today’s workout was in honor of the butt whipping the Clemson Tigers put on Alabama. Popular numbers in today’s workout included the number of wins for the Tigers (15), the number of national championships (3), and the score 44-16. The reason we stopped on 3rd down was to accomplish what the Crimson Tide could not. The Blimps were in honor of the Blimp worthy performance that the Tigers put on Monday night. It was a fun game but as I reminded the Pax, it is only football and the joy is fleeting. Let’s be men of substance and keep our eyes firmly fixed on Christ and how he can bring joy and purpose to us and this world. Amen and Go Tigers!



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