2018 was good, make 2019 BETTER!

Dec. 31, 2018

Conditions: 57 degrees, damp & Foggy, and wet ground everywhere.  Not Dizzy approved.

PAX: Flasher, Belding, Moped, Thriller, Big Worm, Dizzy, Ginger, Johnny 5

Warm Up: 20-Side Straddle Hops,
18-Through the Tunnel,
20-Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

20 total – To the wall and place your heels to the sky and butt to the wall for a good stretch and Leg Up Crunches. This is where the dissension started……

18 total – 3 Corners. Bear crawl to first corner then 10 Burpees, Crab Walk to second corner then 5 Burpees, Crawl Bear to last corner for 3 Burpees.

20 total – At the wall again for Wall Climbs. Facing away from the wall, walk yourself up the wall

18 total – Mosey to picnic tables to grab some timber. Pull Ups time.

20 total – To the next shelter for Gas Pumpers

Indian Run to first light pole in TKA parking lot

18 total – Lunges to the cones with a single squat at every painted line 18x

Mosey to the playground

20 total – Dips

18 total – Pull ups, Chin ups, get your head above the bar however you can.

20 total – Swing Set Crunches

18 total – Over to the TKA tables for some box jumps onto the seats. This is where Belding shot up like a rocket to the top of the table to quiet the crowd. Nice work and Respect!

Indian run to the grass at edge of parking lot. Time to grab a partner and dead man drag them to large oak tree. Then trade with your partner and fireman’s carry your partner to the light pole by the road. From there mosey back to parking lot and circle up.

Now time for the musical entertainment from Moby, “Bring Sally Up and Bring Sally Down”. Or as I like to call it, “Bring Mary Up” in honor of Dizzy. Everyone got into the plank for a Push-Up challenge to the music. Your push-ups were to follow the UP and DOWN as it was sang, for 3 minutes and 25 seconds. Quite a challenge that I don’t believe anyone was able to do without taking a rest. For all of you who didn’t make it this morning, give it a try https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqiT7WROAlc

20 total – Freddie Mercury’s

18 total – Russian Twist

20 total – Mountain Climbers

18 total – Box Cutters (nice and slow courtesy of a Belding count)



For our Brother in the Gloom-Squatter, all the best with your new baby boy. And for all our other Brothers out there who we have not seen much of, tomorrow is 2019, we hop to see you soon.

BOM: Dizzy


This has been a good year for me personally. The brotherhood and commitment I have witnessed in F3 since I started almost a year ago has really impressed me. I thank those founders in Florence who took the initiative to get the ball rolling here. I am inspired by many men that I see weekly at the workouts. I am also chasing the carrots of many brothers. In the famous words of Banjo, substitute the word “can’t” with the word “YET” and anything is possible. The Inspiration, Motivation, and Integrity I witness are the things that keep bringing me back. Make 2019 even better than last year. Set a goal for 2019, follow through and complete it. It can be a personal relationship goal, a physical goal, a spiritual goal, or a physical goal. It really doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you try to accomplish it, without excuses. Thank you again for the F3 Brotherhood. See you in the Gloom soon.


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