13 Days of Christmas (Ha! Jefferson!)

Date: 12/24/18

QIC: Squatter

PAX: Brim, Chachi (down range from Charlotte, Defect, Belding, Flasher, FNG (James Shelley) Drip,
FNG (Jason Person) Weebalo, Squatter (QIC)

Conditions: 40 degrees, clear skies

The Thang

20 Burpees

13 Days of Christmas

1 – Lap around Hoppa’s Yard (audible after first lap, YHC realized we wouldn’t have time to do all of the exercises AND 13 laps. So, Hoppa’s Yard became Squatter’s car.)
2 – 4 count mountain climbers
3 – Jump Squats
4 – Decline Merkins
5 – pull-ups
6 – step ups
7 – 4 count flutter kicks
8 – 1 arm incline push-ups (4 each arm)
9 – SSH
10 – Burpees
11 – American Hammers
12 – Dips
13 – Secret Surprise (MORE BURPEES!)

2 more laps around Hoppa’s Yard


Prayer requests:

Squatter’s wife is being induced with their 6th child December 31st.

Squatter needs more patience and wisdom.

Squatter’s oldest daughter has been having unexplained headaches and stomach aches.

Defect’s wife’s grandfather is recovering from a stroke and heart attack

Drip’s friends parents are missionaries in Indonesia ministering to people after the tsunami.

Belding’s daughter is releasing a book on fear that women deal with.

BOM: Defect


Jefferson stole my thunder with his 12 days of Christmas weighted Q Saturday. So, I had to one up him with 13 Days of Christmas.

T-Claps to FNGs Drip and Weebalo for traveling from Marion with Defect during their Christmas break from North Greenville University…and keeping up with Belding. Weebalo was actually leading plankorama between sets!!! That’s got to be the first time an FNG has lead an exercise at their first workout.

Brothers, in the midst of the busyness of this season, be sure to lead your family toward Jesus, the reason for the season. Read the Christmas story, go to a Christmas Eve service, talk to your kids about why we celebrate Christmas, minimize distractions that take away from Jesus. Merry Christmas!

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