12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

Conditions: Damp and approaching 40. Forecast called for heating up quickly

Q: Jefferson

The Pax: Belding, Swan Jefferson


Little Arm Circles: 10F/10B

Raise the Roof: 10 IC

DIGITS Tribute

Dive Bomber Merkins: 10 OYO

Imperial Walkers: 9 IC

Goblet Squats: 9 OYO

Incline Merkins: 9 IC

Through The Tunnel: 9 IC

Side Straddle Hops: 9 IC

12 Days of Christmas

You know the song, and may have done a similar workout.

1. Brute Force Burpee

2. Weighted Lunges

3. Weighted Squats

4. 4-Ct Flutter Kicks

5. Diamond Merkins

6. Thrusters

7. Carolina Dry Docks

8. 8-Ct Body Builders

9. Mountain Climbers

10. LBC

11. Curls

12. Burpees

Mosey to Hoppa’s Yard

6s (like 21s or 11s)

Merkins and Air Squats


Remembered Digits and encouraged all to look out for yourself (in terms of safety gear) and also look out for the other guy. You may be doing everything right, but someone else may not be, so keep that in mind in all daily activities.

Prayers for continued healing for Swan’s wife, for life changes/decisions for Belding’s son, and good health and safe travels for all.

Led out by Belding.


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