The Return of Metal Monday

Date: 11/26/18

QIC: Squatter

Pax: Johnny 5, Brim, Shocka!, Moped, Flasher, Knobby, Banjo, T-Bird, Big Worm, Dizzy, Thriller, Ginger, Squatter

Conditions: 53 degrees, brief shower

Warm up: 2 laps around Hoppa’s Yard

The Thang:
2 Mins per station (2 rounds)
Farmer carry
Goblet Squat
Kb swing
Freddie Mercurys
Russian Twist
Lap(s) around Hoppa’s Yard

Q had to call time just shy of completing second round.


Cooks for Christ needs help this Thursday.

Nominations for annual F3 awards at the link CDC posted in messenger.

Christmas party will be Friday, December 14 at 5:30AM.

BOM: Flasher

As always, it was an honor to lead the Pax. Guys like Moped that don’t make excuses but just keep showing up and keep moving push me to keep showing up and keep moving. Your presence at a workout makes a difference. YHC will also be leading 3F this Friday. If you have ever lost your temper with your kids or your kids lose their temper, you might want to show up for this one.


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