Big pole or Little Pole?

WWII Training

When: 11/17/18

QIC: Johnny 5

PAX: Flasher, Thriller (respect), Brim, Moped (respect), Yogi, Belding (respect), Big Worm, Dry Dock, Knobby, and J5


Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Through the Tunnel, and a short Indian Run to Jiffy Lube to pick your poison.

The Thang:

Upon arriving at Jiffy Lube we stopped to pair up and get our telephone pole.  Only 6 – 7 footers to choose from, but all of them had different weight.  We had 9 PAX for the pole time, so our star “A-team” trio decided to triple up on one pole (Yogi, Big Worm, Belding).  Nothing like having our three strongest PAX sharing one load together!  Instructions were to get the pole onto your shoulders with your partner and start moseying to the bridge.  Threw in a few slow jog segments to speed things up a bit along the way.  All exercises at the stops were completed with your partner or other PAX.

Stop 1: Log Push Up (20) lay on your back and use the log as a barbell

Stop 2: Log Curl (20) not much explanation needed

Stop 3: Log Squat (10) keeping the log on a shoulder, slow and low squat as a team

Stop 4: Log SitUp (20) holding log at chest, curl up as a team.  Other PAX hold feet down

Stop 5: Log Press (10) log on left shoulder, press above your head and return to right shoulder 10 times.

We were at the base of the bridge now and time to turn around for a Rinse and Repeat back to Scrooge park.  Once at the park, time to Log Flip about 40 yards for each partner.  A little Highland games training, for those of you who missed it today.  Then to wrap it up, Belding wanted to finish with an overhead log carry around Papa’s (or whatever his name is) yard.  That was the killer, not one pair of PAX was able to complete the one lap.  But our strong A-Team pair took it over halfway keeping it above their heads, great job!


December 14th is F3 Christmas party.  time- 5:30pm & location – “Squatters” place Trinity.

Prayers for Dry Docks father-in-law.


Nice cool morning for everyone who got up and posted, traveled, or Spartan’d today.  I want to thank all the PAX traveling to Marion to help out, motivate, teach, and support.  This time of year is only getting busier for all of us and every day more reasons to be pulled away from our brothers in the gloom!  Reach out and pull someone back in when you can.  Also wanted to take an excerpt from F3 FREED TO LEAD on page 14.  “There are a few (but only a few) rules about the Workout”

1. It must be free of charge

2.  It must be open to all men

3. It must be held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold

4. It must be led in a rotating fashion by men who participate in the Workout.  With no training or certification necessary.

5. It must end with a Circle of Trust (the “COT”)

Everything else is just background noise or self-imposed guidelines.  Thank you for letting me wing it and make mistakes, it is just like life sometimes.  Just keep moving!!



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