Vote Spirit Fingers Seat 3!

When: 10/31/2018

QIC: Spirit Fingers

The Pax: Dizzy, Swan, Big Worm, Ginger, Thriller, Johnny 5, Flanders, Moped, Shop-vac, Brim, Banjo, Squatter, Mr Chow, Flasher, Little Tony, Spirit Fingers(QIC)

Conditions: 45 and clear

The Thang



Little arm circles x 10

Forward Claps x 10

OH Claps x 10

little arm circles reverse x 10

Imperial Walkers x 15

Abe Vigoda x 10

Through the tunnel x 10

5 Burpees to celebrate Swan being 5 minutes late

1 lap around Hoppa’s Yard

Partner up at the track

Catch me if you can- Partner A does 3 burpees while partner B runs. Partner A catches partner B. Flapjack. Continue for 6 laps.

Round 1 – Partner A planks, Partner B does decline merkins with feet on Partner A. Flapjack. Do 10, 15, 20 reps taking a lap between each set.

Round 2 – Partner A planks while holding partner B’s feet. Partner B does big boy sit ups. Flapjack. Do 10, 15, 20 reps taking a lap between each set.

Round 3 – Partner A planks. Partners B lifts the feet and does Squirkins. Flapjack. Do 10, 15, 20 reps taking a lap between each set.

Mosey to the wall

Partner A holds air chair, partner B does dips on the knees. Flapjack. Do 10,15,20 reps. Take a Spirit lap(arms up) around the first tennis court.

Mosey to parking lot


BOM: Dizzy


Pax we’re asked to run with their partner. We all need partners to stay with us and support us. We all need to be a partner to someone. The 3 theme was popular as I am running for the school board Seat 3. It was a great workout and we had a good time. The mumble chatter was great today! Thanks for letting me lead!

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