Merkin 500

Date: 9/1/18

Conditions: 74 degrees and real humid

QIC: Swan

8 PAX: Johnny 5, Thriller, Big Worm, Pinto, Kingpin, Jefferson, Putin, Swan(QIC).

Johnny 5, Thriller, Big Worm and Little Tony did a preworkout Murph. Jefferson did you Murph as well? Little Tony left prior to the workout, but Thriller, Johnny 5 and Big worm were beasts and did both. The Q felt guilty about what was to come and showed up early to do a mini murph( 1 mile run, 25 pull ups, 50 merkins, and 100 squats). Believe me I regretted  even this small amount of extra work. I cant image how the others felt.


LAC forward IC x 10

LAC backward IC x 10

Thru the tunnel IC x 10

Imperial walkers IC x 10

Huggers while we walked to the tennis courts

The Thang:

4 corners: 25 merkins, 25 squats, 25 merkins, 25 squats x 2                 100 merkins

Mosey to the parking lot

Merkin suicides:   Start with 1 merkin run to 1st cone-5 merkins, backpedal to start 1 merkin run to 2nd cone 10 merkins, backpedal to start 1 merkin, run to 3rd cone 15 merkins, backpedal to start 1 merkin run to 4th cone 20 merkins, backpedal to start and finish with 1 merkin      =55 merkins.        Three rounds: Regular merkins, Wide merkins, and Diamond merkins                                                                                    165 merkins

One lap around Hoppers yard at end of 1st round with 30 sec count off b/w round 2 and 3 and after round 3.

Mosey to picnic tables

Decline pushups with Hanging leg raises:  3 rounds.  Merkins 20, 15, 10 with 10 haning leg raises b/w sets and at the end.                                                                     45 merkins

Mosey to Hoppers yard

Merkin/ Big boy sit up ladder:   20 down to 10. Lunge across the yard do 20 merkins run back and do 20 BBS’s. Keep going down till you finish with 10 each. I must admit this kicked my butt. At 17 I had to stop doing sit ups and do leg raises. I was not alone. I think the majority of the PAX switched to leg raised during the exercise except for Pinto who did all the sit ups. Pinto you are my Hero. I did finish out with 10 sit ups and I think the whole PAX did all the pushups.                                                                     165 merkins

Circle up in the yard

Merkin Circle: 5 regular merkins, 5 merkins rt leg up, 5 merkins lt leg up, 5 wide arm merkins, 5 staggered arm merkins rt arm back, 5 staggered arm merkins lt arm back, finished with 5 diamond merkins.                                                                 35 merkins

Now if your counting this up this actually comes to 510 merkins. What can I say. When I was writing this up last night I was tired from work and miscounted. Sorry, but the PAX who completed this task can take pride in a job well done. That’s a total of 4080 merkins done by the 8 PAX.


BOM: Putin



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