Rumble is Hardcore

F2D297E0-69EF-40BE-8150-3932C45DB066.pngWhen: 8/25/18

Q: Spirit Fingers

The Pax: CDC, Paycheck, Booger

Conditions: 66 degrees and sunny

Warmup: 20 SSH IC, 15 Imperial Walkers IC, 15 arm circles IC, OHClaps x 15, forward claps x 15.

The Thang: 1/2 mile Indian Run around the block.

End at back circle for a plank fest

one runner, one left side plank, one center plank, one right side plank. Hold until runner does lap, everyone shifts to next spot. Each pax went through all 4 stations twice.

Mosey to b-ball court

partner up for a modified Dora 123

100 hurpees ( half burpee) legs out to plank then tuck to chest. Partner runs down to do 2 pull-ups.

200 plank jacks. Partners runs to do 5 knee raises.

300 2count mountain climbers. Partner runs down and does 10 sec dead hang.

50 LBC OYO, mosey to the wall

Partner dips – hold legs while partner does dips x 15

Partner Merkins – hold legs while partner does 15 merkins

30 sec wall sit


Mosey to parking lot



Moleskin: Core work is important. We skip it a lot for arms, chest, legs, etc. Having good core strength is very valuable. Hopefully, we will do more of this. Fun workout and great effort by the four horseman of Rumble!

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