Back to School Gym Class Flashback

Date: 8/27/18

QIC: Squatter

PAX: Thriller, Bobby B, Thread Count, Banjo, King Pin, Ice T, Belding, Defect, Yogi, Breadsticks, Brim, Johnny 5, Dizzy, Kat, Squatter

Conditions: 72 degrees not too humid

The Thang
15 Imperial Walkers IC
20 Jump Squats OYO

Lunge Indian Run and Bear crawl Indian run to Sneed

Pacer Test:
Cones 20 meters apart, run to second cone when you hear the beep. Back to first cone when you hear the second beep, etc. Beeps get progressively faster with each level. If don’t make it back to the cone before the beep twice, you are finished with the test.

When you are finished with the test, alternate SSH and squats with each beep. Most Pax were too busy catching their breath to do this.

T-Claps for Banjo who lasted the longest. Is anyone surprised? Level 10 or 11?

Push-up test: AMRAP 2 minutes

Sit-up test: AMRAP 2 minutes

Indian run back to Scrooge.


Prayer requests:

Breadsticks will go to court today in regard to his adopted daughter.

Ice T is traveling to Florida for a funeral that his uncle is preaching.


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