Swan’s Bday Q Reload

Date: 8/1/18

Conditions: 77 degrees. Clear

QIC: Swan

19 Pax: Moped (respect), Spam(respect), Kingpin(respect), Belding(respect), Big worm, Thunderbird, Tweety bird, Johnny 5, Brim, Breadsticks, Squater, Shortcake, Hotpants, Ice-T, Squib, Pinto, Flanders,  BobbyB, Swan(QIC)

The Thang:


LAC’s forward x 10 IC

LAC’s backward x 10 IC

Huggers x 10 oyo

Thru the tunnel x 10 IC

Imperial walkers x 10 IC

Mosey to the tennis courts

4 Corners:

1st round: Start with 7 Burpees, then 25 Merkins, 25 Squats, 25 Merkins, 25 Squats, finish with 7 Burpees.      Air chair for the six

2nd round: 7 Burpees, 25 2ct Freddie mercurys, 25 SSH, 25 2ct Freddie mercurys, 25 SSH, 7 Burpees.     Air chair hands up for the six

Mosey to parking lot:  Gave a short speech about effort and how we don’t always give it our best effort during the workout. Rehashed what Ginger said about when you think your done you really still have 40 or 60 % reserves left. Of course Ginger didn’t show up to give us an example of effort today. Then announced that we were doing merkin suicides, but with a twist. Of the 19 Pax present only 3 were older than my tender age of 57 and I said Belding didn’t count because he is a beast anyway and I left Moped off of the count so that left 18. I then said we were going to test the effort of the PAX.  We would do the suicides but if I beat better than half the pax to finish there would be a penalty.

So suicides: 4 Cones about 10 to 15 yrds apart.  Start with 1Burpee, then 5 merkins 1st cone backpedal to start 1 Burpee, then 10, 15, 20 merkins, then 3 Burpees at the end to finish with 57.

Unfortunately for the PAX only 7 members finished before me so……….

PENALTY: 30 Burpees and a lap around hoppers yrd.

Back to the parking lot

2nd challenge:  Run to the last cone and do 25 Diamond Merkins , Bear crawl back to start and do 25 4ct Flutter kicks, finish with 7 Burpees. Once again if I beat more then half the pax there will be a penalty.

Lucky for the pax I’m not the best at bear crawl. When I finished it looked like about half the pax had finished ahead of me and to be honest  I didn’t really count to be sure because I was beat and didn’t think I could do another penalty.

Mosey to the yard for core workout:

Core workout:  One right after the other with no pause, 10 4ct flutter kicks, 10 legs crossed crunches, 10 ins and outs, 10 90 degree leg lifts, roll over and do 10 merkins, finish with 7 Burpees. 10 second pause and repeat.     3 sets

Back to the parking lot

Burpee suicides: Start at the far end with 20, then 15, 10, 5 with backpedal inbetween and 7 burpees at the end for 57.

Total Burpees for the day: 150

Total Merkins: 155


BOM: Ice-T

I must say I was very proud of the PAX. Everyone was putting forth real effort during the challenges and I know I was pushing it because I was whipped at the end.

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