1000 Rep Challenge

conditions: 74 degrees and humid

Pax: Threadcount, Squatter, Mr Clean, Yogi, Murdock, Bobby B, Belding (respect), Ice T, Moped (respect), Swan (respect), Shortcake, Pinto, Knobby, Hot Pants, Big Worm (YHC)

Warm up: 1 lap around Hoppa’s yard

The Thang

1000 rep challenge: complete 40 exercises at 25 reps each

  1. SSH IC
  2. LAC (13 forward, 12 reverse)
  3. IW OYO
  4. squats
  5. merkins
  6. bear crawl across parking lot (right hand = 1 rep)
  7. crawl bear
  8. crab walk forward
  9. crab walk reverse
  10. lunges
  11. reverse lunges
  12. mosey to playground for LBC
  13. BBS
  14. flutter kicks IC
  15. Hello Dolly IC
  16. plank jacks IC
  17. box cutters OYO
  18. Mt. climbers IC
  19. low Mt. climbers IC
  20. leg lifts OYO
  21. Freddie Mercury IC
  22. low country crab OYO
  23. 6 inches X 25 seconds
  24. dying cockroach OYO
  25. American hammers OYO
  26. high plank x 25 seconds
  27. low plank x 25 seconds
  28. pike ups OYO
  29. should taps OYO
  30. hip taps OYO
  31. mosey to shelter, dips
  32. derkins
  33. incline merkins
  34. CCD
  35. box jumps
  36. calf raises
  37. jump squats
  38. jumping knee tucks
  39. pull ups
  40. mosey back to playground to finish strong with 25 burpees


  • Praise report from Moped. He was able to travel to Virginia for a mission trip where they underpinned a mobile home and built a 42′ wheelchair ramp owing his strength and stamina to the conditioning of our many workouts. Just another reminder to stay healthy and take take of our bodies
  • Its about that time for the September Q calendar to start filling up. Q’s are needed for Rumble during the week, so see Ginger/Murdock(or whatever else he feels like calling himself that day) if you are able to Q.



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