Are you in my circle?

When: 7/25/18

QIC: Pinto

The Pax: Moped (respect), Spam (respect), Little Tony, Fender, Ice-T, Yogi, Bobby B, Dizzy,  King Pin (respect), Thriller, Landon Barns (FNG), Thunderbird, Milton, Thread Count, Squib, Belding, Pinto (QIC)

Conditions: 74 degrees F, real feel 84. Humidity, yes. Gray clouds in the distance.



Big Arm Circles:
-Forward x 10 4CT IC
-Backward x 10 4CT IC
Imperial Walkers x 15 4CT IC
Merkins x 20 4CT IC
SSH x 20 4CT IC
Low slow Squats x 15 4CT IC

The thang

Mosey to Ebenezer Baptist Gate. Bear crawl under gate to first speed bump. Short mosey to south parking lot of church.

4 Corner of parking lot (Round 1)

1st corner merkins (x2).

Run to 2nd corner.

2nd corner LBC’s (x2).

Side shuffle to 3rd corner.

3rd corner jump squats (x2).

Run to 4th corner.

4th corner leg raises (x2).

Side shuffle to 1st corner.

Repeat 4 corner laps, adding 2 reps to each corner until 10 reps each.

4 Corners of parking lot (Round 2)

1st corner mountain climbers (x2 each leg).

Run to 2nd corner with burpie at mid point.

2nd corner LBC’s (x2).

Backwards run to 3rd corner.

3rd corner lunges (x2 each leg).

Run to 4th corner with burpie at mid point.

4th corner leg raises (x2).

Backwards run to 1st corner.

Repeat 4 corner laps, adding 2 reps to each corner until 10 reps each.

Curb your enthusiasm

Tricep walk – Spread out around parking lot planters.  Hands on curb in “dip” position. Hold position whilest “walking” on hands and heals for one full lap of planter.  (There was more curb work planned but time was running short)

Short mosey back to speed bump.  Bear crawl Back to the gate.  Mosey to scrooge parking lot.


BOM: Ice-t


The father son battle was strong this morning. Young FNG took off to a strong lead during four corners. But the lead was eventually squashed as Thunderbird’s strong and steady pace reeled him in.  Only to have his moment of superiority slightly weekend after bragging that he had caught up to young 3 letter acronym. It May have been then that the big bird pushed baby bird from the nest to become a HIM within the F3 brotherhood. Only time will tell.
Moped requested prayers for those about to leave on a mission trip.
Prayers for Miltons M and their baby. (If more details are open for discussion on that request it is of course always encouraged and our support is with you.) Welcome Tweety Bird.

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