Squatter’s Cameo Q

Date: 7/16/18

QIC: Squatter

PAX: CDC, Spam, Dunkin, Thread Count, Squatter

Conditions: 72 degrees, humid

The Thang
10 Burpees
20 mtn climbers IC
9 burpees
20 big boy sit-ups IC
8 burpees
10 low slow squats IC
7 burpees
20 lunges
6 burpees
20 Flutter kicks
5 burpees
10 Jump squats
4 burpees
16? Imperial walkers
3 burpees
20 Big boy sit-ups
2 burpees
20 Merkins
10 burpees
*Order of exercises and number of reps may not be 100% accurate. Consult CDC for accurate stats.

Overhead carry to playground

10 pull-ups OYO or with assistance
Lunges- right leg: lunge forward, to the right, backward and to the left (like a curtsy), repeat with left leg (3 rounds total)

Repeat pull-ups and lunges – 3 rounds

Partner up
Partner A: Overhead carry to opposite end of basketball court and back.
Partner B: Freddie Mercury
Flip-flop until 200 total (double count)

Same as above but 100 big boy sit-ups

Overhead carry back to parking lot

Reverse one-legged planks


Toss and Taste at Southern Hops (Corn hole and Chili) some time in October

Prayer requests:
Speedwalker’s employment
Squatter’s sick kids

BOM: Dunkin

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