Wet and Wild Warrior Run

Date: 7/7/18

Conditions: Beautiful day in the 70s!

QIC: Squatter

Pax: Airhead, Chickenhawk, Ice-T, Thriller, Brim, Johnny 5, Moped, Belding, Thunderbird, Third Leg, Big Worm, Breadsticks, Knobby, Squatter

20 SSH…stalling for anyone who might be running a little late

Mosey to unpaved section of rail trail behind the car wash.

Lunge/Bearcrawl/Mosey down trail and cut through woods into TKA parking lot.

Side shuffle across parking lot to stairs behind gym.

Up and over two sets of stairs, up and over shipping container.

Mosey to TKA playground
10 pull-ups

Scramble through ditch along TKA property line.

Up and over second shipping container.

Mosey around baseball field to dugout. 10 chin-ups

Mosey to bleachers at football field. Up and over bleachers…while avoiding yellow jackets 🐝

Crawl under boardwalk between mobile units.

Mosey to practice field behind TKA weight room. 3 tire flips per pax.

Big boy sit-ups for 6

Mosey through woods back to unpaved rail trail…while avoiding briars and poison ivy.

Mosey to concrete culverts. Scramble over the tops and then weave back through the tunnels.

Choose a rock from the pile and perform thrusters for the 6.

Crawl/slide through mud… unless you are a weenie or “forgot to bring a towel or change of clothes”

Mosey to bridge along the trail that follows the power lines.

One stop to plank for the 6.
One stop to flutter kick for the 6.

After reaching the base of the bridge the Q realized we only had 20 minutes left so the backwards run up the bridge was nixed.

The Pax were then given two options.

Non-runner option: 10 merkins at each light pole and then mosey to the playground BEHIND EBENEZER CHURCH, NOT THE PLAYGROUND BEHIND TKA. Some pax, who shall be nameless misheard the Q.

Runner Option: follow Q to ESAB soccer field for 10 pull-ups, tumbling over a small dumpster, and flipping tires in the ESAB parking lot. Runners then moseyed to the playground BEHIND EBENEZER CHURCH for…

You guessed it! 10 MORE PULL-UPS!

Since some Pax were still pretty clean, we army crawled through the sand volleyball court and then moseyed back to Scrooge with 2 minutes to spare.

Short plank for non runner Pax making their way back from TKA.

Prayers for Ebenezer teens in car wreck.
Squatter’s wife and pregnancy
Speedwalker’s employment

BOM: Airhead


Nice teamwork today with the various obstacles. Saw other men catching the six and encouraging one another.

T-claps to Breadsticks and Third Leg for going all out and not letting ringworm or a little chafing stop them from covering every square inch of their body in filth.

It was a fun Q! Speaking of which, if any Scrooge guys would be willing to Q at Rumble, I’m sure the regular Rumble guys would appreciate it. Step up!



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