Keep it Moving!

When: 7/2/18

QIC: Spirit Fingers

The Pax: CDC, Threadcount, Spirit Fingers

Conditions: 74 degrees, 91% humidity

The Thang

No Disclaimer – We know it!



Through the tunnel x 15

Little Arm Circles x 10 Forward

OH Claps x 10

Forward Arm Circles x 10

Forward Claps x 10

Imperial Walkers x 15

Mosey to B-ball Court

Pull up ladder – Run length of court 1 pull-up, run back 1 Burpee. Repeat up to 10 pull-ups doing 1 burpee at the end of each round

Round 2 – repeat ladder doing Gut-Wrenchers (new name) – Hanging pull up positions, raise knees to chest. Run back and do 10 LBC’s. Repeat up 10 Gut-Wrenchers.

Mosey to Back parking lot with 35lb kettlebell

2 stations, one runner. Pax get in a circle with one station on each side. 3rd pax runs half a lap the swaps with next station, next pax runs and swaps at next station. Repeat for 3 rounds.

Round one – Steps-ups and Upright rows with kb and running

Round two – Incline merkins and curls with kb and running

Mosey back to parking lot.


BOM: Spirit Fingers

Moleskin: Threadcount ran by himself for 3 miles prior to Bootcamp. Not sure where Yogi was. Luckily, he was done early enough to provide YHC with a much needed bathroom ride to his home. The workout would have ended early otherwise! We we light on the pax, but heavy on effort. Lots of guys gone for vacation this week. CDC fought through feeling less than 100%, but stayed strong. Ragnar training has begun! 3 month countdown.


SF has a friend struggling in his marriage

Our friend Uhaul and his change of location

Pinto and his family




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