The UHaul Send Off

Conditions: 75 and humid
The Thang: 26 men showed on this warm morning to send off YHC. Humbled by the pax that showed including guests from Hartsville. Everyone pushed hard this morning and those that finished ahead of the pax all engaged in “extra” doing plank or burpees or merkins. TClaps to you beasts! And TClaps to those that looked at 100 burpees and said @#$% it and crushed it.  A great Gloom send off!
The Pax: Biscuit, Ice T, Big Worm, Monkey, Squib, Scrambled Eggs, Swan (RESPECT), Putin, Thriller, Breadstix, Green Acres (F3 Hartsville), Italian Stallion (F3 Hartsville), Klinger (F3 Hartsville), Squatter, Pinto, Belding (RESPECT), Ginger, Dunkin’, Flanders, Yogi, Threadcount, Knobby, CDC, Chicken Hawk, Thunderbird

The Pain:
Circle up! First “exercise” was a mosey around Da Hoppa’s Yard so could set everyone up for….
100 Burpees (Crowd Pleaser)
With every 20 reps, run a lap around Da Hoppa’s Yard
There was a time cap of 15 minutes but everyone finished within the time frame.
Short Plankarama for the 6
Mosey to the picnic tables
100 Jump Squats
Every 20 reps do 10 BBS and 5 pull ups
Short Plankarama by Green Acres on YHC’s request (Thank you) for the 6
Mosey to Tennis Courts
4 Corner Escalator Up / Down : Each corner adds exercises from the previous corner. There was some debate as to whether the escalator “down” should actually be up since you were increasing reps but whatever….We were running short on time to do the “down” portion but I went ahead and called it anyway. Fire me.
“UP” Looks like:
10 SSH
10 SSH, 20 Squats
10 SSH, 20 Squats,30 Merkins
10 SSH, 20 Squats, 30 Merkins, 40 Flutter Kicks
“DOWN” Looks like:
40 Flutter kicks
40 Flutter kicks, 30 Merkins
40 Flutter kicks, 30 Merkins, 20 Squats
40 Flutter kicks, 30 Merkins, 20 Squats, 10 SSH
Totals: 50 SSH, 80 Squats, 150 Merkins, 200 Flutter Kicks
We ran out of time on the down escalator but the men of F3 humored me and pressed on.
• Hartsville GORUCK Custom Constellation. DO THIS!!! Details on the pre-blast below:
• Wednesday, 6/25 5pm Happy Hour at San Jose’s Tacos and Tequila to send UHaul off. Let us know you are coming on Facebook so we can get a head count!!

• Wednesday, 6/25 is Warrior Wednesday at Scrooge. Bring KBs, Cinder Blocks, etc.

• Thursday @ 7pm 2nd F at Redwolves game, Bring the M and the 2.0s!

BOM: Ginger
Pledge of Allegiance

Today I was Blessed to have 25 men (and many more not at the workout) wish me well and send me off in F3 style in the Gloom. 4 years ago I would have never thought F3 would have changed my life so much. Florence was a blessing to me and my family and a large part of that blessing are all of you…the men of F3. F3 works because we all do something for each other. We all NEED each other. Some of us come and go but we are always F3 and you are always welcome back to the Gloom. It’s never too soon or too late to come to F3. Stay the course brothers! Great things are still coming for F3 Florence!

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