6/16 Monkeys Rumble AMRAP



speedwalker, yogi, lemon, flo, zumba, monkey, short circuit(downrange from greensboro), cdc, threadcount, booger, biscuit, spam, milton


13 pax showed up to push themselves @ rumble with a 350% humidity.



Thru the tunnel × 13 IC

Arm circles forward then reverse × 13 IC

20 squats OYO

Mosey for a lap around the school while monkey explains each station

7 Stations:

1. Walking lunges the length of the long parking lot

2. 30 BB situps

3. 10 pull-ups

4. 30 dips

5. 30 step ups

6.  10 Burpees

7 Decline plank around the world





The pax ended up having 45 minutes to get anywhere from almost 3 rounds to almost 4 rounds in. The Q will real close to splashing merlot toward the last 5 minutes, good thing he used that time to pull a foxy and walk around encouraging others and gathering cones. The lunges seemed to be the worst but Threadcounts shin voted for the decline plank around the world.

Q School/Serve Flo cleanup next Saturday @ scrooge. Uhaul exit Q next Monday @ Scrooge. Both will be Convergences.


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