Swan’s mom’s bday Q short Bridge Run.

When: 6/11/18

QIC: Swan

15 PAX: Belding( respect), Banjo, Thriller , Squatter, Thread-count, Johnny 5, Brim, Fender, Breadsticks,  Moped , Chickenhawk, Milton, Ice-T, Knobby, Swan(QIC)

Conditions: 70 degrees and clear.

The Thang:

Warm up:

Little arm circles forward IC x 10

Little arm circles reverse IC x 10

Imperial walkers IC x 10

Through the tunnel IC x 10

Today is my mom’s 80th birthday. Today’s workout is going to be something different than the usual Swan Merkin Fest. We’re going to honor my mom by running. My mom’s a runner. She actually won the Bridge Run the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston in her forties and came in third the next year. So today is in honor of my mom’s 80th birithday.

So for the start we ran the .5 miles to the bridge.( yes Yogi I told you there’d be running, why didn’t you show?)

At the bridge we ran to the top of the bridge did 20 merkins then ran to the other side and did 40 squats on the corner, then ran back to the top of the bridge and did 20 merkins. Then down back to the beginning and did 40 2 count flutter kicks and then repeated it.

For the six we crabwalked from the bottom of the bridge to the first telephone pole about 30 to 40 yards and then bear crawl back. Thanks to the efforts of Ice-T, chickenhawk, and Milton the majority of the Pax was able to do the crabwalk part of the 6 and about half of the Pax also completed the bear crawl.

We all met back up at the bottom of the bridge and I announced that by a lucky coincidence there were 8 telephone poles between the base of the bridge and the gas station on the corner( actually it turns out there at 9 telephone poles). Anyway we ran between the telephone poles about 30 to 40 yards apart each and did 10 burpees at each pole for a total of 80 burpees. Thriller, banjo and, Belding we’re way out in front of everyone and actually did the extra pole and wound up doing 90 each. The rest of the Pax did lunges between the 8th and 9th pole. Then we all moseyed back to the park.


BOM: Belding


Thanks Brothers for making this a great tribute to my mom’s 80th birthday. Everybody hung in there and did a great job. Total mileage for the workout was 2.6 miles on banjos watch and 2.7 miles on mine.

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