The VQ Bar is Raised…

Conditions: 75 and cool

The Thang: 16 pax chose to board the “Gain Train” [thanks Dugger] for a Virgin Q by Johnny 5.

Pax: Thunderbird, Pikachu, Snap On, Thread Count, Big Worm, Thriller, Brim, Breadsticks, Knobby, Moped [RESPECT], Dugger, Serena [FNG], Pickle [FNG], Foreclosure [FNG], Uhaul

QIC: Johnny 5 Virgin Q!

Warm ups had a slight hiccup as Virgin Q nerves got YHC on the cadence but after correction by pax we were good to go.  The usual SSH, TTT, Imperial Walkers, Mosey around Hoppa’s yard to the ballfiled for…


Sta. 1
Tractor Tire – Large – TOTAL
(A) Flip tire, hop in, hop out to other side, repeat – and then swap with partner
— OR both as a team lift and flip if needed
(head up, chest out, back straight and butt down)
(B) Feddie Mercury’s while waiting on tire

Sta. 2
Tall Tire – TRI
(A) Dips – Facing away from tire
(B) Bear Crawl to fence and back

Sta. 3
Farmer carries to fence and back

Sta. 4
Alternating L/R Sledge Hits
Slide tire to fence and back

Sta. 5
With both feet on tire stood up
Merkin then in up position pull feet in for crunch

Sta. 6
Tractor Tire – Large – LEGS
(A) Leg Press – 10 times – then swap
(B) Stands on tire and leans on top

Sta. 7 – TOTAL
Small tire
Burpee while on tire then press tire above head

Collect all the tires and head back to the parking lot.

Welcome 3 FNGs:  Serena and Foreclosure brought by Breadsticks…Pickle by YHC.  What’s the count for the competition Monkey?


  • 5,500 plates sold for last week’s Cooks for Christ
  • TClaps to Big Worm, Pikachu, and Snap On for doing Murph pre workout
  • Memorial Day Murph Convergence at 0530 SCROOGE.  NO RUMBLE
  • Friday 6/1 0530 2nd F Breakfast
  • Saturday 6/2 ANNIVERSARY CONVERGENCE at Scrooge.  NO RUMBLE.

Prayers for Milton and his family.

BOM: Knobby


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