Swan’s 2nd Anniversary Q

When: 05/19/18

Conditions: 70 degrees and wet.

Pre-bootcamp metal murph ( Thriller, Yogi, Pinto, Squatter). Squatter didn’t make it to bootcamp, but I must say I was very impressed with the others who stuck around for a lite Swan Q.

QIC: Swan

The Pax: Thriller, Yogi, Pinto, Belding(respect), Fender, Johnny 5 with FNG (his son) “Brim”, Swan(QIC).

Knobby where were you? I thought I could always count on you for a rain workout.

The Thang:

The warm up: All IC

Little arm circles 15 forward,  15 reverse

Imperial walkers 15

Thru the tunnel 15

SSH 15

Grab a Cinder block and to the Tennis courts: Talked about losing 35 lbs during my 1st yr with F3 which is why we are going to carry the 35 lb blocks for the entire workout as a reminder of things lost and weight we don’t want to regain

4 corners:

Run with Cinder block to the last corner 25 Merkins, run to the next corner 25 Thrusters, next corner 25 Merkins, Last corner 25 Thrusters. Put the block down.

Run to the corner 25 Merkins, next corner 25 squats, next corner 25 Merkins, last corner 25 squats. Lift block chest high for the six.

Mosey to the picnic tables with the blocks.

20 curls, 15 decline Merkins, 10 Pullups      (3 sets)

Hold the block for the six

Overhead press 20, Squats with the block 20, Hanging leg raises 10     (2 sets)

Hold the block for the six

Step-ups with block 10 each leg, Behind the head Press 15, Burpee with the block 5 (2 sets)

Hold the block for the six

Mosey with the Cinder Block to Hoppa’s yard

Lt. Dangers with the Cinder block(squat, lunge, lunge, burpee) across the yard. When I announced this I noticed Yogi shaking his head. Maybe he was beginning to regret that pre-bootcamp murph.

Leg raises with situp holding the cinder block on your stomach  5 to 1. 20 leg raises 4 situps.

Run with block back across the yard then 20 Merkins

Hold blocks for the six

Put blocks in the middle of Hoppa’s yard.

Simple ladder: Bear crawl to the blocks 20 curls, bear crawl to the end 20 Merkins, run back to the other side and 20 full body crunches. Keep going from 20 down to 10.

We were running out of time so we didn’t quite finish the ladder. At least I didn’t .

COT: Talked about the shooting in Texas— What is going on in our country?

BOM: Belding




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