Traveling Light

When: 05/14/2018

Conditions: 68 degrees at the start (90 degrees by the end)

QIC: Belding

The PAX: Big Worm, Squatter, Knobby, Swan (respect), Ginger, Dizzy, Mr. Rogers, Moped (respect), Banjo, Ice T

The Thang

Warm-Up: Knobby suggested Side Straddle Hops x10 4CT IC; Ginger suggested 20 Merkins OYO: Ice T suggested LBCs x 10 4CT IC

Mosey to Ball Field

Bearcrawl from Left Field foul line to Center Field and 90degree leg lift for the 6

Crabwalk from Center Field to Right Field foul line and 6 inch leg lift for the 6 (Dizzy let his crabwalks do the talking and finished 1st!)

Lunge from Right Field foul line to Left Center Field and LBCs for the 6

Standing Long Jump Burpees from Left Center Field to the Left Field foul line and plank for the 6 (Big Worm finished first but was disqualified for being skinny)

Mosey to Tennis Courts and pair up

Wheelbarrow from 1st corner to 2nd corner (farthest end) and Freddie Mercuries for the 6 (the mumblechatter was beginning to wane…except for Ginger, who has exceptional vocal stamina!)

Barrowwheel from 2nd corner to 3rd corner and Big Boy sit ups for the 6 (Knobby was literally dragged backwards on his face for 10 yards… “It’s your workout!”)

Karaoke run from 3rd corner to 4th corner and Hello Dollies for the 6

Partner carry from 3rd corner to Da Hoppas Yard and plank for the 6

Backwards run (1 lap) around Da Hoppas Yard

Spiderman Crawl 20 yards (or just crawl on your hands and knees…or just do the Dizzy Walk “This is nuts!”)

11’s – 10 Merkins/Crawl under or through fence/1 Burpee/ Crawl back under or through fence/9 Merkins/Crawl back under or through fence/2 Burpees…etc. (…in the beauty of body drained silence…)

Mosey to Parking Lot – Merkins Slow Count x 10 4 CT IC

Challenge: Read the ending to Max Lucado’s “Traveling Light”…this life wants to heap baggage onto your shoulders and onto your heart. Psalm 23 gives us all the Truth and Hope we need to lay it all down and live for the eternal. Travel light through this life brothers…and live fully for the next!

Prayer: Swan…Ice T…Knobby…Moped… Belding shared requests. Mr. Rogers prayed us out!


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