The 5 Minute Workout

Date: 5/7/2018

Conditions: 61 degrees

Pax: Knobby, Thriller, Johnny 5, Moped, Big Worm, Dizzy, Ginger, Squatter

QIC: Squatter


Circle up on rubberized playground “The only soft thing about this Q.”

5 minutes of Burpees OYO
5 minutes of sit-ups OYO
5 minutes of squats OYO

Mosey to picnic tables

Pull-ups to failure, plank for the 6, rinse and repeat
(5 minutes)

5 minutes of step ups OYO

Mosey to Hoppa’s yard

5 minutes of running around Hoppa’s yard

Mosey to parking lot

5 minutes of SSH OYO

Burpee count off (5 each)

Praise: The Lord provided a new job for Dizzy’s wife after two years of prayer.


Make plans NOW to help with a roadside clean up of Ebenezer and Pineneedles Rd. Saturday, June 23rd after Scrooge.

Go ahead and make plans NOW to take your wife to a marriage conference hosted by Trinity, Saturday, August 18th.

(Dizzy then began describing some kind of sex class he is “leading” at his church. There was further talk of diagrams, demonstrations, and sex toys.)

Thriller led us out with some much needed prayer.


This morning was intentionally boring and tough as a sort of penance because no one signed up to Q.

Men! We have to step up to lead in our homes, churches, and communities. Don’t say to yourself, “I’ll let my wife make those decisions” or “Someone else can lead the boys Sunday school class” or “Someone else can Q.” While we shouldn’t say “yes” to everything, we should say “yes” to the things we are called to and can do for His kingdom. That might mean we say “No” to other things. What do you need to say “yes” to? What do you need to say “No” to? By the way, look at the Q calendar and say “YES” to a date…especially 3F.

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