Cobra Kai is at Rumble

10 Pax dared to show for a Cobra Kai workout at Rumble.

Conditions: 65 with 9 mph NE wind

Pax:  Monkey, Thunderbird, Spirit Fingers, Flanders, Dunkin’, CDC, Biscuit, Booger, Mr. Rogers, Spackle

Short mosey to the basketball courts for the warm up:


5 Burpees
30 Merkins (5 IC each of regular, wide, diamond)
5 Burpees
20 plank jacks IC
5 Burpees
10 Slow squats
10 Burpees

Mosey to the fence for:


Climb over the fence and perform 10 knerkins , Repeat to 50 knerkins

Mosey to the end of the field.

20 jump squats
Burpee broad jump 10 yards, sprint back to start

10 jump squats and lunge 10 yards, sprint back to start

Burpee broad jumps again

Mosey to monkey bars for:

“Cobra Kai” Dojo

As a team of 2:

50 pull ups
100 plank partner claps
150 LBC (A: 1 runs length of basketball court and back, B: crunches and flapjack
200 push ups

The closer was:

“Body Bags”

4 minutes of burpee “box” jumps at the playground set (yes it was only 4 minutes)

Mosey to front of school
50 step ups


COT: Mr. Rogers

Prayers for TBird’s Mom, Milton’s Mom and daughter, Swan’s wife

Run Group 0530 at Rumble and at Scrooge.

We need Scrooge Qs!!! Step up and lead men!

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