Spirit 700 Club

When: 4/23/18

QIC: Spirit Fingers

The Pax: CDC, Biscuit, Booger, Thunderbird, Spam, Dunkin, Monkey, Spirit Fingers(QIC)

Conditions: 58 degrees, no rain

The Thang

Warm -up

Little arm circles x 12 forward and back

forward claps x 12

SSH x 15

Abe Vigoda(Windmills) x 12

Imperial Walkers x 12

Mosey to flower bed in front

Spirit 700 Club!

7 exercises, 10 reps, 10 rounds with a Spirit run(arms up) lap after each round.


2 count mountain climbers


Spirit Squats(arms up)

Carolina Dry Docks

OH claps


100 LBC upon completion

Incline plank shoulder taps IC x 25


Mosey to parking lot for COT

BOM: Spirit Fingers

Moleskin: Great inaugural Monday morning at Rumble! 700 reps of spirit filled goodness! The shoulders were screaming at the end. Monkey forgot the flag (Penalty?) Looking forward to growing this AO. Lots of fun to be had.


Swan’s Family

Miltons mom

Thunderbirds mom

2nd F at the movies on Wednesday

Rumble on Saturday. Monkey Q

Capes for Kids on Saturday



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