Monkey Mountain

Date: 04-21-18

Q: Monkey

Pax: cdc, scrambled eggs, mr rogers, monkey, yogi, thrilla, booger , biscuit, dunkin, spam, jefferson,villa, airhead, ready mix, ginger, madonna(fng), pichachu, spirit fingers, NJ, uhaul, big worm, squatter, moped, flanders, tbird, paycheck, Flo(fng).funny-monkey

28 pax braved the element to do the Everest workout that I am renaming Monkey Mountain! Even though it was CDC’S idea!!


We warmed up while we took a tour of the grounds. We stopped a 5 random location and at each we discussed 1 of the 5 core principles of a F3 workout

1. 20 merkins- peer led, with the Q participation

2. 20 flutter kicks- always outdoors rain or shine

3. 20 mountain climbers- always free

4. 20 big boys- open to all men

5. Squats- ends with circle of trust


Mosey to the bottom of the hill for some EVEREST(1 walking lung/1 squat) all the way to the top.

With shakey legs we then had a Mosey to the big parking lot on other end of school with a roughly 30 yard bearcrawl with roughly 12 stops to do 10 merkins.

Mosey to The brick box in front for a 3 round partner flapjack of 20 boxjumps and big boys

Mosey to inside of fence for 3 rounds of a fence 2 fence run of flapjack- 20 of some exercise and another exercise i cant remember.

Mosey to bball court for 3 rounds of end 2 end


Round 1- burpee/5 pullups

Round 2- jumpsquats/5 pullups

Round 3- burpees/5 pullups


Count o rama

Name o rama

BOM- Mr Rogers


Starting Monday rumble moves to Monday and Saturday.

Welcome 2 FNGS Madonna and Flo

Tonight 2nd F dinner @ RBA

Wed 2nd F @ karate kid/Corbra Cia movie

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