UH- – – is on Q

Date: 4/2/2018


Conditions: 57

QIC: UHaul

Pax: Belding, Yogi, Spam, Ice-T, CDC, Mr. Rogers, Flipper, Swan, Kat, Big Worm, Johnny 5, Pinto, Squatter

The Thang:

Warm Up:

Mosey around Da Hoppa’s Yard

5 Burpees

SSH x 15 IC

10 Burpees

Squats x 10 IC

15 Burpees

Through the Tunnel x 10 IC

Mosey to Picnic Tables

50 Step Ups OYO

5 to 1 down ladder of pull-ups, derkins, burpees

Partner up and complete 50 step ups and 50 burpees

Mosey to Tennis Wall

Round 1: Partner A: Wall Sit  Partner B: 10 Leg lifts…. Switch for 2 rounds

Round 2: Partner A: Wall Sit Partner B: 10 BBS…Switch for 2 rounds (20 BBS if you are Mr. Rogers)

Round 3: Partner A: Reverse Burpees x 5 Partner B: Burpees x 5…Switch for 2 rounds

Mosey back to the lot…Plankarama

Box Breathing: in 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds, out 4 seconds…control the breathing, reduce the heart rate….

Announcements: April 14 and 21: NO SCROOGE WORKOUT.  We will converge on Royall Elementary to open a new AO. Q calendar has open dates so STEP UP and SIGN UP.

BOM: Mr. Rogers


Moleskin:  What. A. Weird. Morning.  Knobby left us a love note at 5:05. Swan was on time.  Belding brought a light show…and 13 Pax allowed YHC to come back for a weekday Q.  I’m slowly getting back up to speed and that is ALL in part to the efforts put forth by my brothers.  From texts, to calls, to constant short jokes…from encouragement from up front to the me at the six…I’ve noticed and I appreciate it.  Thank you.

Tuesday  4/3 Raptor Run Group at Scrooge 0530

Wednesday 4/4 Scrooge Bootcamp 0530…CDC on the Q

Thursday 4/5 Speedwork at West Florence 0530

Friday 4/6 3rd F at Krispy Kreme 0530 with Dipstick

Saturday  4/7 OPEN>>>>SIGN UP!!!


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